Does workout time of day matter?

The fitness world is FULL of ridiculous MYTHS!!! There is so much contradicting information floating around out there that is leaves us feeling confused and unsure of how move forward!

I want to discuss a common misconception in the fitness world:


Q: Which is the better time to workout: morning or evening?

A: The time of day that feels best to you! PERIOD!!


While many of us have heard that "morning workouts are best", this may not be the case for everyone!


Morning workouts are great because, like eating breakfast, a morning workout will kickstart your metabolism! Morning workouts increase your caloric expenditure (calories burned) throughout your entire day, improve your mood, and help you feel energized! Studies show that morning workouts help you get better sleep at night! Many say that the best thing about a morning workout is YOU GET IT DONE AND OUT OF THE WAY so it is easier to stay consistent! It ensures that less things get in the way of your workout!


Unless you are someone like me... because to me, workouts before 9am are THE WORST!


If I workout too early in the morning, I get a headache AND a tummy ache, I feel sluggish, I feel cranky, and my workout just feels like a waste of time! I am unable to work as hard as I know I can work, so I just don't get the intensity I need to create an adaptation in my physique!


So should I just force myself to be a morning workout person even though I hate it?


No!! There are so many benefits to working out in the evening too!


Evening workouts are awesome because Strength and endurance are both higher in the afternoon/evening and the likelihood of injuries is decreased. Exercising in the evening improves performance and increased power due to a lower body temperature. Your muscles are more flexible since your body is more warmed up than it is in the morning. Protein synthesis peaks at this time of day, as well. Based on this, though a morning workout will increase your calories burned throughout your entire day, you could potentially burn more calories during your actual workout by working out in the evening! So really, the benefits equal out!


Don't fret about what time of day you are working out because there are different benefits to working out at any time of day you choose! The only key is to make sure it's the time of day that works best for your SCHEDULE and your ENERGY LEVELS! Choose the time that helps you stay CONSISTENT!



Now get get that workout and quit worrying about waking up at the crack of dawn!!


(This is a real picture of me trying to get an early morning workout on👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼😂)