My Fitness Journey- A New Understanding

I smacked that wall. SMACKED IT! I Smacked that dang thing HARD.

Im so thankful I did too! I seriously feel like that is when I woke up. It was in smacking the wall that I was able to stand back up and ask myself a few questions.

 "What am I doing?" "Why am I doing this?" "What do I need to do differently?" "What is working for me?" "What is not?"

Smacking the wall was the best thing that happened to me. IT inspired me to file for divorce, It motivated me to take some time away from personal training and move into gym management, and It made me begin to eliminate stress from my life. Smacking the wall gave me an opportunity to look into how STRESS AFFECTS the body, how stress damages the metabolism, and how stress affects your mind.... the way you think!

This catapulted me into studying the MIND.

The conscious vs. the subconscious. Positive neural pathways vs. negative neural pathways. Our thoughts vs. our actions.

What is Willpower? What is motivation? Do these things even exist?

Why do we act differently in our auto-pilot mode from the way we actually want to act? Why do we sabotage our selves in the pursuit of goals we really want to achieve? Why do we criticize ourselves SO MUCH? Why wouldn't we just be our own biggest fan? Where the heck does low self esteem even come from?? 

What is depression? What is anxiety? Why do they exist? What can we do about these things??

Why does it feel like a constant battle inside our brains????

I studied it all, and all the missing pieces started to come together.

My findings were mind blowing... and these findings have helped me develop my current training Philosophy! these findings are what I want to share with you!